The Declutter Course PLUS

The Declutter Course PLUS


The Declutter Course PLUS is a six-month program that launches on Saturday, September 14th.

It will include all the features of the regular The Declutter Course curriculum, plus 12 half-hour coaching calls spaced over the course of six months to support you as you unearth yourself and figure out what you want to do and be next.

Unlike most decluttering courses, The Declutter Course emphasizes self-care and personal development along the way. This is about digging yourself out from the spot you’ve been stuck in, so you are free to start new things once we are done. If you want additional support and guidance as you make your new start, The Declutter Course PLUS is for you.

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The Declutter Course PLUS includes all the features of The Declutter Course, PLUS six months of coaching calls. You will first receive a client questionnaire by email to get you started thinking and to let me know where you are now and where you might want to go from here.

We will then have a series of 12 phone calls The first call will be scheduled for an hour once I get the answers to your intake questionnaire so we can get to know one another a bit and figure out what support and guidance you need. After that, we will schedule follow-up calls that will be roughly every other week, and last 30 minutes each, in order to assess where you are, make adjustments, cheer you on or (if needed) gently prod you along. There will be additional “assignments” as we go, which we will set during phone calls and follow up on though email.

Where The Declutter Course starts small and builds momentum on issues like self-care and personal development, The Declutter Course PLUS makes that a primary focus from the start. Working together closely in a one-on-one relationship, we will help you dig yourself out from your stuff, both physical, mental and emotional.

We will work together to set your course to where you want to go and help you figure out how to get there.

You will have access to all components of The Declutter Course, including access to support in the private Facebook Group and the three group calls scheduled during the course, PLUS you will have your one-on-one coaching experience.