Permission to step into your whole self.


Feel stuck? Wondering how your life ended up so different than you’d dreamed? Want to find out who you really are now? Make some changes? Find a better path that brings you more joy? Maybe want a bit of a push to get your life on the upswing?

You are in the right place—that’s exactly what Actually, I Can is all about!

Kelly Ramsdell

I believe in:


raising your vibration

the Universe


the law of attraction



putting your own oxygen mask on first

the power of love

learning to set boundaries


that “actually, I can”

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Intro by our founder

I’m Kelly Ramsdell, and my passion is helping other women find their way back to themselves through self-care, creativity, and adventure. Mid-life is just that: the middle. There’s still so much to go—and you deserve to do things that bring you joy and pleasure—whether that’s a new creative outlet, making a minor or major life change, or getting to work on your life list! I think you’re going to enjoy reclaiming time for yourself, and will actually like the person you are becoming!

What we do here

We know that women can get boxed in by the many roles they play in life, whether they build that box for themselves or have it constructed around them when they aren’t paying attention. Those boxes can include mother, wife, empty nester, employee, caregiver, and more. And then there are those curveballs thrown at us by career change, perimenopause (SO much bigger of a deal than people, including doctors who should know better, treat it as!), being post-menopause, not to mention things like chronic health conditions and even disability.

We at Actually I Can are all about giving you the tools to bust yourself out any box you find yourself in and find your true place in the world. We want to help you figure out your personal vision for your life—whether that is digging up a desire you buried or figuring out where you are now and where you want to go—and then help you map your way to what you want. We’re here to cheerlead for you as you start taking up space and going for it, whatever “it” is!

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Hey! Kelly here. I’m happy to tell you that I’m currently 55 years old, post-menopausal, and disabled due to rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. Why am I happy to tell you that? Because I choose happiness every damn day, and I’m a perennial optimist. And because those things will all be true whether I’m happy about them or not, but being miserable about it just makes them all seem so much worse!

Before those autoimmune issues came calling, I worked as a full-time commercial litigator. I’m a happy, shmoopy wife (third time is the charm!) and a proud mama to two amazing women who constantly inspire me as they live their lives out loud on their terms.

In my time, I’ve been a music major (voice), a retail manager, an assistant controller for a steel company, an attorney, an author, a poet, and an artist. All of that is true, but it tells you nothing about who I am, right? Let’s try these things: I absolutely adore my husband, my kids, and my cat (Kismet). I love joyful colors, energy work (feng shui, essential oils, salt baths & more), shopping for greeting cards and soap (it’s an issue—my husband will vouch for this), and helping other folks figure things out so they can “fix” them.

I love teaching what I know, and also learning new things. (I’m Hermione Granger, if she were a Ravenclaw). I rely on daily meditation and sleeping nekkid with my husband to keep me grounded.

And I’m super glad you’re here.