What is life coaching?

A life coach helps her clients create a vision for their lives, and assists the clients in formulating goals, plans, and strategies to help them achieve that vision. A life coach is a motivational partner who keeps the client accountable to the strategies and tasks they decide upon.

What a life coach does:

• Helps you identify your vision for your life.
• Uses her education and life experience to help you clarify your vision.
• Uses supportive, focused questions to help you set their goals, uncover any blocks you have, and create strategies to help you meet your goals.
• Holds you accountable to the goals and strategies you have decided upon.

A life coach is not a therapist. When working with a life coach, you can expect some questions about your past, but only as it relates to your current situation. A life coach will meet you where you are in the present. Because we do not seek to delve into the past or to why you are the way you are, we are able to make change in your life quickly, with focus on the future. In the end, it is about sorting out your goals and taking immediate action toward reaching them.