Start Small, and Gain Momentum. (Let's talk about your panties.)

Start Small, and Gain Momentum. (Let's talk about your panties.)

I was all set to write a post about momentum today. About how, when you declutter, it’s much easier to let things go once you, y'know, start letting things go. Like most things, it's about making a start, and just a wee start is all that's needed to get a little momentum going.

But then I was folding the laundry, and I got all happy and excited about the five new pairs of underpants I was folding for myself. And I just knew I had to talk about underwear in today's post instead.

Copyright Fahad Waseem on Unsplash

Copyright Fahad Waseem on Unsplash

See, once upon a time, I gave little to no thought to my undergarments. As long as I had them, I was good. Who cared what they looked like or what shape they were in? Did it matter if they were ratty, since nobody but me ever saw them? Did it matter that they bagged under my bottom like a sad, fabric flat tire?

I dealt with the discomfort of undergarments that didn't really fit well and figured it didn't matter. After all, they are about function, not form, right?

I thought it didn't matter back then because, as I said earlier, usually nobody else saw me in them. I am willing to bet that applies to most women. And if you are entrepreneur who works from home, which I do, then it’s tempting to not really care what you’re wearing, full stop. 

The thing is, I saw me in them.

When I got dressed in the morning and when I changed into PJs in the evening. And, most tragically, I saw them in bright-lit dressing rooms, with surround-view mirrors.

How can you feel like you deserve new jeans or a skirt or a bathing suit if you've got nondescript, baggy underpants swinging around?

I decided I was worth at least a couple new pairs of panties. Nothing super luxe, but at least clean, pretty ones that fit properly. And guess what? They made me feel much better about myself during the days I had them on. 

Even though nobody else was seeing them, I knew I was wearing them. I felt good about them, and, more than that, I felt good about myself. Good enough that I bought some more, including a few that were (dare I say it?) racy. 

And I felt good in those, too, and a bit more confident throughout the day. Not because I knew I had good underpants on in case I landed in the ER, but because I had done something small but positive just for myself.

I valued myself enough to buy new underpants, and it gave me a real boost.

It is of course nice these days to have a sweetheart who admires my body, in and out of underwear, but that's not why I bought the new ones. I bought them because I deserve to have nice, pretty, comfortable panties that fit well. 

And so do you.

This entire post goes for bras, too. Especially because bras affect your body shape, and help clothes to hang properly. (See also, pretty much every episode of the show What Not to Wear.)

Plus when your body shape looks decent and your clothes hang right, just as with decent underpants, you end up feeling more confident, generally, and more confident in how you look, specifically. And who doesn’t want an easy confidence booster?

But I will spare you a brassiere post. At least for now.

Though I got new bras, too. And other clothing that fit properly as well. 

Still, it started with panties. 

Turns out I wrote a post about starting small and gaining momentum after all.

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