Our 5-Day Energy Clearing Challenge Starts Next Week!

As I wrote last week, energy clearing doesn’t have to take a long time. I recently did my whole house in about 40 minutes, though (full disclosure) it was partly because the house was fairly tidy and clean when I started. As I wrote in the bonus post on Friday, energy clearing is quite personal for me, and has worked to better my homes and life over the past 16 years. (And if you’ve read that post, which is full of real talk, you know that sometimes, one clearing doesn’t quite get it done.)

Because energy can get trapped in the corners of your room like energetic dust bunnies, swirling up by the ceiling. But it also gets super slow if there is a bunch of clutter in your space, which can cause it to become heavy or even stuck.

Once the stuck energy starts moving freely again, I notice that the house feels like a happier space. Things feel lighter, and my stress levels decrease.

My husband, who is a tai chi instructor, also notices that the house feels better, even though he doesn’t sense energy quite as keenly as I do. Plus, since I used candles and incense while I cleansed the energy in our house last week, the place smelled nice, too.

Energy clearing techniques include sound and light, and things like smoke or flame (think palo santo, smudging herbs, incense or candles—you’re not setting your house on fire), essential oils, crystals, or the use of salt. None of it is difficult.

And none of it is expensive. In fact, if funds are an issue, there are ways to get the energy moving that require nothing more than some daylight, music, and clapping!

Whether you are “full woo” (woo being short for “woo-woo”) like I am or a complete skeptic, I hope you will sign up and give this a chance.

Your worst-case scenario is that you will end up with a slightly tidier, better-smelling, slightly cleaner house. Your best-case scenario is that you will have all those things and notice a positive difference in the vibe or feel of your space.

As a reminder, our challenge will provide you with five daily challenges, a closed Facebook group to talk about things, a downloadable booklet, a one-page download to make things simple for you, and, because we love to over-deliver, there’s even a giveaway. One lucky person will receive an energy-clearing kit from Willow Moon Candles, which is absolutely wonderful. It’s got a sage candle with black tourmaline (to protect your energy), a piece of ethically sourced palo santo (which you can burn for its smoke), and a small selenite wand, which is good for spreading white light and peaceful energy in your space. If you’d like to purchase one for yourself, click the photo below and to the right. To sign up for the challenge, click the photo on the left.

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