You are in!

We are super excited that you have signed up for our first service, a FREE 5-Day Energy-Clearing Challenge! The challenge is going to start on Monday, August 19th, and conclude on Friday, August 23rd, and will provide you with the skills to clear any stagnant or negative energy that might be lurking about in your home or living space!

The course will be delivered using a series of emails, and the daily challenges will also be posted in our closed FB group, which will be restricted to people participating in the 5-day challenge. You can expect to receive an email on Sunday, August 18th to get us ready to go, then one email each day for 5 days tackling a different area in your living space. There will be a concluding email on Saturday, August 24th, as a general wrap-up.

And we will be doing a giveaway at the end of this 5-day challenge. Frankly, we consider everyone who participates in the course to be a winner, since you will have won a house with higher vibes, but one lucky winner will receive a Cleansing Kit made by Willow Moon Candles.

You can sign up to join our closed FB group now, using this link.